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Over the last five years, LEAP HR: Healthcare has established itself as the definitive healthcare HR event, and in 2019 once again dug deeper than any other forum into the forward thinking people leaps enabling HR leaders to transform their impact on organizational performance.

Take a look at the attendee reviews to get a clue as to why this was the only event to attend for HR leaders in Healthcare. Only at LEAP HR: Healthcare you could have discovered:

How are the most progressive healthcare organizations redesigning their people strategies to transform HR’s impact on organizational growth?
LEAP HR: Healthcare 2019
What non-traditional HR initiatives will allow you to effectively tackle physician burnout and overcome the challenges of talent retention in an ultra-competitive industry?
LEAP HR: Healthcare 2019
And how people leaders from all sectors of the industry are rethinking what the healthcare workforce of the future looks like and how to build it today?

Join the highest rated healthcare HR event in the industry in 2020
and become part of the only community of strategic healthcare people leaders who leave their annual event energized, inspired and ready for action.

"As healthcare HR leaders, we need to forecast the future to stay ahead of the disruption we hear about every day in our industry. Those who do it best will be most successful and there is no better forum to do just that than at LEAP HR: Healthcare."

Joe Fournier, most recently Chief People Officer, Intermountain Healthcare