Focus Day - Option B: Healthcare TA Focus Day

Adapting How We Find & Inspire the Critical Clinical Talent Our Organizations & Patients Need

Monday May 23, 2022

Begin your LEAP HR: Healthcare experience by tackling three critical questions addressing how we find, attract, and inspire the talent we need for critical quality and patient outcomes. Find out how the most forward-thinking talent acquisition leaders are ripping up the recruitment playbook to transform their impact on healthcare organizations, employees, and patients.

The three questions to be addressed include:

1. Customer Interpreters: Translating Healthcare Practice & Recruitment

How can we translate the language of nursing and recruitment to allow for quicker understanding, realistic expectations, nimbleness, and true collaboration to meet partnered goals, allow for increased candidate-centric tactics.

2. Re-thinking Recruitment Capacity for Healthcare Vacancy Rate Decline

How can we make efficiency gains in recruitment processes and increase recruiter capacity to result in a steady decline of vacancy rates across the board?

3. Leveraging a Hybrid Recruitment Model to Allow Innovation in Your Healthcare Organization

How can we recruit a workforce that is representative of the communities we serve, and how can we interweave the benefits of outsourcing talent whilst still maintaining an organization culture?

* Focus days run concurrently so delegates can only attend one of the three focus days
** Focus day must be booked separately and is not part of the ‘conference only’ delegates pass