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Case Study: Talent Plus

Top-Talent Plus Partner Case Study

What was the business challenge we were facing?


We’ve got a great product, but to win new business we need to be where our customers are so we can demonstrate its value proposition to them. Given the fact that our target market spans the whole country, it can be time consuming and difficult to meet the number of people required to grow our business – especially at the senior level who would sign off on the level of investment we need. The opportunity to have our target market in once place, at one time was one we didn’t want to miss out on.


Why was a LEAP HR event the perfect solution?


As a global human resources company focused on top-performers, we have a perceptive eye when it comes to the conferences we attend and the talented people who run them. We have found in our experience both with LEAP HR: Healthcare and LEAP HR: Hospitality, that the LEAP team’s world-class level of service is second to none. Not only that, but the LEAP team worked hard to customize the audience to our specific needs to ensure the right people were in the room, which is vital for us.


What happened as a result of being an event partner?


At the LEAP HR events we’ve taken part in, we have been able to really focus on conversations with change agents looking to make a big impact on their organizations through a scientific look at talented people. We’ve been able to open up new conversations with hard-to-reach potential clients – as well as developing existing relationships with current partners. We sign up to return each year because we see the value in co-creating the event over the months ahead, and customizing the audience even further in the future.
Bot-Talent Plus PartnerCase Study