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Sebastien Girard, MBA
Senior Vice President of Workforce Engagement

Atrium Health

Read what Sebastien Girard, Senior Vice President of Workforce Engagement at Atrium Health, thinks about the challenges and opportunities posed by COVID19 on healthcare HR.


What has been the effect of COVID-19 on employee culture and engagement, and what have you been doing to keep your employees motivated?

Sebastien Girard: Once again, we have had to rewrite the whole playbook there. There are two different components - there’s the right now and then there’s the after COVID-19. And the thing is, it’s two very different strategies...

Christopher Hutchins

Christopher Hutchins
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Northwell Health

Christopher Hutchins, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Northwell Health shares his challenges and opportunities posed by COVID19 on healthcare HR.


Looking to the future how will the current Covid19 crisis change the working landscape?

Christopher Hutchins: I think it is going to change things dramatically. I don’t think it’s even just necessarily in the healthcare sector. Just one example that I had to rethink is a future initiative that we’ve been working on for about a year or so. One of the objectives is to figure out how we enable the workforce to become more remote and portable...

5 minutes with Hutchins

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