9-11 July 2018

Chicago, IL

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Partnership Opportunities

The HR leaders of the Healthcare companies taking part in this forum recognize that they can no longer achieve their goals alone and are actively looking outside their companies for help.

They also appreciate that – in a rapidly changing industry – the partners and solution providers who have helped them get to where they are, may not be the partners and solution provides to help them go where they are heading.

This forum presents a compelling opportunity for you to demonstrate the value proposition of your offering to this community at a time when they are actively looking for help, and to ensure you are front of mind when they select their partners.

If you’re looking to win new business and expand relationships within the Healthcare HR arena, you should sponsor LEAP HR: Healthcare.

If you want more information as to how we can best position you in front of these experts, then contact Tom Simmons today at partner@leap-hr.com

“This meeting has provided access to C-Level decision makers who are virtually impossible to contact via email and phone.”