9-12 July 2018

Chicago, IL

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Healthcare HR Outlook

This report delivers an assessment of the most critical industry people challenges, opportunities and priorities, in addition to expert analysis of the key pressures facing the industry in the year ahead and their likely impact on human capital strategies.

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What US Healthcare Can Learn From The World’s Largest Healthcare Engagement Survey

Drawing on data from the annual NHS Staff Survey and other sources, the report shows how good management of NHS staff leads to higher quality of care, more satisfied patients and lower patient mortality.

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Speaker Interview: Anne Wojtak, Chief Performance Officer, Toronto Central Community Care

In the run up to the 2015 meeting, Anne discussed what the next 18 months held for the industry, how people strategies differ in Healthcare and what her current focus was.

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Speaker Interview: Elaine Page, Chief Talent Officer, North Shore-LIJ Health System

In the run up to the 2015 meeting, Elaine discussed her biggest focus at the time, why workforce engagement is so important and what’s in store for North Shore-LIJ.

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Speaker Interview: Amy Rislov, CHRO, Aurora Health Care

In the run up to the 2015 meeting, Amy shared her current work at Aurora Health Care, the challenges with HR in Healthcare, what success looks like to her and why she was looking forward to the inaugural LEAP Healthcare meeting.

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Free Webinar: Available now On Demand

Transforming HR To Prepare For A New Healthcare Landscape

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to hate extinction.”

We all know that the Healthcare business model is undergoing radical change right now, but are we doing enough to change our people strategies in line with this industry transformation?

How do we most effectively meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders with fewer resources in a future healthcare landscape? And how do we best embrace change and get ahead of it and instead of being forced to react to it?

These questions lie at the top of the priority list for CHROs and HR leaders across the Healthcare industry, and a small number of HR leaders are thinking in a different way about how they prepare their organizations for what’s coming in the future.

This webinar has been specifically designed to help you challenge traditional thinking around how you can answer for yourself the questions People leaders across the industry are asking right now.

Among the issues which will be addressed:

  • What a changing industry means for how work is designed and how roles will need to change
  • How disruptive technology will allow us to transform the role of people in Healthcare
  • What the future holds for HR in healthcare and how you can anticipate and prepare for that future

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Joseph Cabral, CHRO, Partners HealthCare

Joe Cabral - Partners

Prior to assuming his current role at Partners HealthCare, Joe served as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Cleveland Clinic and at North Shore – Long Island Jewish Health System (now Northwell Health). In both organizations, Joe was responsible for the health system’s greatest asset – its workforce and is also responsible for partnering with leadership to translate the organization’s strategic and operating plans into action through people. Joe has held key HR leadership roles at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. He is a Baldrige Examiner and has been cited by Time Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and other industry publications for his expertise in “Best Practices” in Human Resources.


Gareth Pearce, Managing Director, LEAP HR, Hanson Wade

Gareth Pearce - Hanson Wade

Gareth works with inspirational HR leaders at progressive organizations around the world every day to uncover the most radical leaps they have taken to transform their companies. These conversations provide the foundation for the industry specific LEAP HR events he and his team develop. LEAP HR forums provide the spark which brings an idea to life, which lights a fire that can then inspire real, measurable, lasting change when participants return to their businesses. By shining a light on the evidence-based, insider-sourced examples of this radical change and sharing the lessons learned with a wider group of like-minded HR leaders, Gareth is creating an army of advocates driven to change HR, and leaving everyone who takes part in a LEAP HR forum inspired, energized and ready for action.

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